Transforming Faith Communities

Our mission is to work with faith organizations, particularly those in underserved communities, helping them leverage the power of digital technology to transforms ministries and the communities they serve as well.


People are only one of the components of a successful digital transformation plan. Our team of professionals work with clients based on our understanding and knowledge of both the faith and business community.  With years of experience in ministry and industry our executive team brings the knowledge and expertise to help faith organizations to successfully plan, adopt and connect technology with mission and ministry goals.


Church Growth and Development is the primary focus of our business practice.  We work with faith organizations to help them achieve Financial, Reach and Engagement goals defined by church leadership.  It is very difficult in many cases for small and under-resourced church organizations to clearly define let alone identify solutions to help them overcome the challenges that prevent them from achieving Church Growth and Development.

Our process strategy helps faith leaders frame, shape and answer questions in five key church growth and development areas including:

  • Church Management
  • Fund Raising/Accounting
  • Marketing/Outreach
  • Analytics (How to gain insight into the current community and take action)


The core technology areas of our practice are digital media, video, data communications and cyber security.  We help clients design, build and manage web and social media sites and platforms, video technologies including live stream/video-on-demand and video conferencing solutions, desktop applications, cloud computing and networking along with cyber security solutions.