We are not a College or Coding BootCamp!

Our instruction is delivered through a project-based team approach.  All students are grouped based on discipline area pursued.

Why Study with Us!

We are not a college or coding bootcamp, but a unique IT Consultancy and Training organization interested in putting people to work in the field of Information Technology; developing the skills of incumbent workers and preparing new technology practitioners to enter the workforce equipping each with practical technology skills applicable in a digital technology era.

Course are delivered Online and Face-to-Face depending on the subject area of study.

Our Training Program

Training programs include an introduction to all aspects of consulting, marketing, product research and development, systems planning and design, software development (coding), database management, basic cyber security, and the fundamentals of building, operating and managing IT environments over all.   Unlike Tech Bootcamps, we train students with a holistic approach to help them understand the technical and business aspects of the entire IT environment regardless of the discipline area pursued.  We work closely with organizations in need of training workers who are incumbent members of their existing technology and business teams or general staff so that each employee enrolled in our program can improve and enhance operational, administrative and or management skills, practices and processes as a result of exposure and involvement with new technology solutions, methodologies and delivery practices.

Our Workforce Development programs are structured to teach adult learners practical technical and business skills.  We teach practitioners new skills as entrepreneurs, and entry-level IT professionals ready to be placed on complex work assignments or project teams requiring certain skills.  Unlike Colleges or Universities, we train learners using real client hands-on/project-based experiences that prepare students to pursue and be placed in work assignments immediately to use their newly acquired skill(s).  

Need A Right-Skilled Workforce?