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Many organizations partner with Professional and Technical Service Providers to outsource their day-to-day IT management and support as a strategic method to improve business operations. Building a partnership with a Professional or Technical Service Provider is a proactive approach to handling your IT needs. These services can range from addressing a small number of business needs, such as managing  IT security and firewall, to organizations completely outsourcing all of their IT environment to ensure employees are efficient and productive and not interrupted by non core issues.

DX Tech Solutions has the management and technical services expertise to help organizations establish a fully-operational IT shop right-sourced and staffed by our engineers, technicians, student interns and contractors.


Our Managed IT Services Training Program is specifically designed to teach students how to support public sector, nonprofit entities, faith-based and local church organizations who may not have the technical capacity to adopt, deploy and manage technology infrastructures, systems, devices and networks.  We offer an affordable, cost effective service solution that enhances the capacity of our clients to integrate and manage technology solutions seamlessly into their institutional environments. Students are an important component of our Managed Service delivery strategy as it helps organizations achieve certain economies.

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