The DX TECH Academy offers a number of technology training classes and programs designed to teach aspiring technology professionals and developing technologist various disciplines and skills that are highly sought after in the diverse Information Technology field; while also preparing many of our students to pursue high wage-earning job opportunities in areas such as:

  • Network Engineering
  • Software Development Programing and Coding
  • Database and Network Administration
  • Systems Support and Help Desk Technicians
  • Cyber Security Analysis and Engineering Specialist and more…

Our training programs are structured for persons interested in entering the exciting and growing field of Information Technology and for those looking to make an investment in new career pursuits or developing more marketable technology skills that will pay huge dividends well into the future.  Workshops are offered twice a month during weekly training sessions both onsite at client locations as well as offsite at one of our designated facilities.  All Academy training programs are held during 14-week semesters at our designated training locations.

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Academy Program Tracks and Fees

Program TrackLocationTuitionRegistration FeeTotal Cost
Workforce Development TrainingDelaware$ 235.00$ 50.00$ 285.00
Workforce Development TrainingPennsylvania$ 235.00$ 50.00$ 285.00
Data Communication WorkshopDelaware$ 235.00$ 50.00$ 285.00
Data Communication WorkshopPhiladelphia$ 235.00$ 50.00$ 285.00
Database AdministrationDelaware$ 235.00$ 50.00$ 285.00
Database AdministrationPhiladelphia$ 235.00$ 50.00$ 285.00
Professional and Technical Skills TrainingDelaware$ 4,750.00$ 125.00$ 4,875.00
Business Technology ProgramDelaware$ 4,750.00$ 125.00$ 4,875.00
Help/Service Desk Technician ProgramDelaware$ 4,750.00$ 125.00$ 4,875.00
Digital Media EngineeringDelaware$4,750.00$125.00$4,850.00
Creative ServicesDelaware$4,750.00$125.00$4,875.00
Engineering ServicesDelaware$ 4,750.00$ 125.00$ 4,875.00
Coding/ProgrammingDelaware$ 6,450.00$ 125.00$ 6,575.00
Cyber & Information Security Delaware$6,450.00$125.00$6,575.00

Academy Application and Registration Process

Please take time to complete an online student application that can be accessed by simply clicking here.  Don’t worry, if you decide you want to change anything later you can just let us know. We are simply attaching the string between our soup cans here to get the conversation started.

We Invite You to Register for One of the Cohort Dates Below

Application Submission DatesProgram Orientation DatesProgram Start DateProgram End-Date
July 15 - Aug 15, 2018August 23-24, 2018September 10, 2018December 15, 2018
Aug 16 - Sept 15, 2018October 24-25, 2018November 5, 2018February 8, 2019
Sept 17 - Oct 19, 2018December 19-20, 2018January 7, 2019April 12, 2019
Nov 11 - Dec 15, 2018February 21-22, 2019March 11, 2019June 14, 2019
Jan 14 - Feb 15, 2019April 18-19, 2019May 6, 2019August 9, 2019

Cohort class sizes will range between 10-20 students based on the technical complexity of the program.  Early registration and submission of applications are encouraged, as all programs will be filled on a first come first serve basis depending applicants qualifications.  All registration fees are due at registration.  Registration applications must be submitted online.  The above chart represents 14/21-week training program cycles.  Tuitions must be paid prior to class starting unless an approved payment plan has been established.  We offer a number of payment plan options.