We Help Organizations Implement Successful Digital Transformation Strategies

DX Tech Solutions, Inc. offers a unique approach to helping clients research and develop technology plans to meet their organization’ overall business/missional objectives.  First, we use a team approach to include key members of our client’s project team working collaboratively with our professional service consultants, engineers, technicians (contractors and staff), and one or more of our Tech Academy student intern(s).

Every project is a unique engagement and learning opportunity, therefore we approach each task as such.  Our goal is to gather as much information as possible about our clients in order to become knowledgeable about the organization’ need to transform while helping them develop new strategies for procurement and deployment of technology solutions and resources that enables transformation of business processes, functions and overall operations. 

Digital Transformation Concept

Digital Transformation is a new concept in the field of Information Technology and requires organizations to consider investing in some level of education and training to help members of workforces learn how to adopt and embrace this strategy at every functional level.  Our DX Tech Academy offer workshops and training programs to help client staff members develop the skills they need to keep pace with the evolution of technology in this Digital Age. 

Our leadership team assembles the right mix of technology and business professionals to help clients strategically develop Digital Transformation plans that fit their operational, mission and business objectives.  We become a part of the organizations team as a partner not just another vendor.

Benefits of Engaging Us for Your Next Project

We Start with Education and Training

Our approach to delivering professional and managed services ensures that our client’s workforce gain the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions throughout the technology planning process.  We host small education and training workshops so that client team members have a good orientation to the overall consulting process prior to engagement.

Assessment of Client's Operation Informs Research Strategy

All of our consulting engagements lead with a Client Assessment.  During this phase we determine the overall needs of our clients and the goals and objectives they desire to achieve.  We recommend that our clients participate in an education and training session prior to engaging our consulting services so that the assessment process is not burdensome.

Research is a Key Component of our Consulting Process

The digital world is filled with thousands of products and service solutions, but everything out there although accessible may not be for every entity.  Research is the next step in our consulting process.  After a careful Assessment has been conducted of the client’s business and technology environment we take time to research solutions that closely align with the organizations objectives.  Therefore, we use research as a essential step in our consulting services process.

Planning is viewed as a Companion of Research

A good plan is informed by the intelligent research.  Our consulting methodology is simple and straightforward because we start at the beginning and walk clients through a logical planning process that makes sense for their environment.

Technology Solutions Aligned with Business/Mission

Digital transformation (DX) is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how organizations operate and deliver value to customers.  Our job as IT transformation consultants is to make sure that we understand the capacity of organizations to adopt and integrate certain technology solutions into their environment before suggesting ways that technology can enhance the value of products/services offered and delivered to your respective end customer.  

A Diverse Team of Business/Technology Professionals

The DX Tech Solutions team is diverse in experience and knowledge of business and technology.  Our DX Tech Academy was established so that we could recruit, train and place practitioners who are woven into our “Learning” ecosystem in order to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology and the skills required to offer the best possible services to our clients.  We produce more than technologies, our goal is to make Transformers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators who can help our clients solve real business problems.

Typical projects we pursue and work on are specifically structured to help clients achieve Transformation goals for their respective organization.  Although, no two organizations are the same, many face the same challenges in adopting and leveraging technology effectively to meet goals.

Our Philosophy Considers More thanTechnology

Technology Must Be Distributed Across All Functional Areas

We believe that organizations and particularly small and mid size ones must be diligent about adopting technology solutions that meet the needs of the entire organization.  A website may be great for the Marketing team, but Finance and Accounting have specific needs for technology as well. Technology solutions must work in a Distributed model across all functions of the organization in order to successfully help entities transform.

Adoption of Technology Management Reporting Tools

How does an organization know whether or not technology is actually benefiting their organization.  Many executives and leaders do not have efficient ways to measure the performance or operating success of technology throughout their enterprise.   We help organizations identify and deploy the right management tools.

Development and Implementation of Web and Social Media Strategies

The most critical components of a Digital Transformation strategy are web and social media properties.  Defining how these technologies are adopted, deployed and used within an organizations overall environment is an important step our Professional Service teams are ready to help you address.

Management of Customer Databases

Data is King!  Many organizations fail to understand the importance of Data and how it should be used to achieve business results.  We help organization understand the value of their data and how to use it effectively to drive results.

Develop and Deploy Financial Management Tools

What is your e-commerce strategy and how is it tied to the financial management infrastructure of the organization?   These technologies are important tools in the Digital Transformation toolkit that must be understood.

Develop and Deployment of HR Systems

Human Resources is more automated today than ever before.  Information about benefits, compensation, rules and regulations are provided through online platforms and technologies.  Having the right technology strategy to support HR functions is critical to any organization.