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Did you know?

IT Professionals are some of the highest paid workers in the United States!

Learning a marketable IT skill prepares you to work in almost any industry and gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.

Did you Know?

60.3% of Software developers, applications & systems software engineers are Caucasian males, making that the most common race or ethnicity in the occupation. Asians are the second most common race or ethnicity in this occupation representing 31.7% of Software developers, applications & systems software.  African Americans represent approximately 12% of all Software Developers/Engineers and Computer Programmers in the U.S. workforce making this group the least represented of all ethnic groups with the exception of Women.  Our goal is to close these gaps helping the industry to become more inclusive. 

Work Opportunities in the field of Information Technology

Research suggest that technology companies employ strikingly few black and Hispanic workers than any other cultural group in the U.S. Many companies blame the recruitment pipeline, saying there are not enough minorities from certain cultural groups graduating with relevant degrees and applying for tech jobs. Yet the data shows that there are many more black and Hispanic students majoring in computer science and engineering than work in tech jobs. So why are they not seeking employment in the technology arena or being hired in larger numbers?

We believe that colleges or universities are not the answer to filling the technology job pipeline for minorities, but Learning and Development organizations like the DX Tech Academy.   

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* Average IT Salaries from Start to Finish

Computer Technology
Computer Technician 26359 dollars
Help Desk Technician 32000 dollars
Desktop Computer Administrator 29578 dollars
Web Developer 35000 dollars
Average Maximum Salary 64000 dollars
Data Communications
Data Mining Analyst 45000 dollars
Database Administrator 46000 dollars
Digital Media Specialist 46796 dollars
Network Systems Engineer 49000 dollars
Average Maximum Salary 82000 dollars
Digital Media
Systems Analyst 52000 dollars
Network Architect 55000 dollars
Software Developer 58000 dollars
Mobile Applications Developer 58000 dollars
Maximum Average Salaries this Category 100000 dollars

Technology companies and contractors are invited to consider partnering with us as instructors while also providing student placement opportunities for interns/apprentices or entry-level worker opportunities.  Our Tech Academy is structured to train students in every aspect of the technology business to include teaching students how to research and scope project opportunities, respond to Request for Proposals (RFPs), research technology solutions, participate in client project planning, build and deploy systems and applications and provide Help/Service Desk support. We are also a Certiport Authorized Testing Center offering students certification in a number of technical disciplines.