Our Mission

Preparing the Next Generation of Technology Professionals

According to a recent Gartner research report: “for organizations to successfully navigate digital transformation and help employees reskill as needs shift, HR leaders must reorient learning and development to build connected learners”.  Our mission is to work collaboratively with strategic technology and business partners to train and develop hundreds of future technology professionals, equipping them with the skills needed to successfully work in the new Digital Age of Information Technology. 

We will accomplish our mission by delivering quality project-based training programs to our students involving them in a number of professional service projects performed for faith-based and nonprofit clients. Our training strategy is to leverage the experience and expertise of seasoned technology professionals who serve as Academy instructors, who are also assigned to lead client projects and programs that engage our students and trainees in practical hands on experiences.  

Our goal is to use real client projects to train aspiring and practicing IT professionals while identifying and engaging prospective clients that are willing to help us create jobs and work opportunities for students who attend our DXTech Academy and excel with demonstrated business and or technical skills; particularly those in certain demographic groups who have been traditionally underrepresented in the technology profession. 

Our Vision

Our vision is create jobs and to place newly trained practitioners in position to help organizations transform themselves leveraging technology to solve business problems in very impactful creative and affordable ways!

We envision helping organizations adopt and use Technology aided by a network of tech savvy professionals, well trained in our Academy and capable of providing the right skills an entity needs to employ and distribute technology solutions in ways that empower them to transform their organizations in order to achieve mission and business goals delivering products and services to their clients.

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