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Helping Organizations and People of Faith Transform Ministries through the Adoption and Use of Digital Technologies


IT and Digital Transformation

The rapid rate of change the world is seeing in all ways of living and working today is unlike ever before. From the largest conglomerates to startups, every business is evolving and adapting to use the power of technology to stand out, make a difference, and get ahead. To effectively leverage the might of technology, businesses are transforming IT, operations, management, and other processes to become digital. That’s why IT transformation and digital transformation are sometimes considered too mean the same thing, and the terms are used interchangeably. But let’s look at the similarities and differences between the two concepts.

Who Are We!

DX Tech Solutions is a group of  consultants, engineers and IT professionals committed to working with faith, nonprofit and community leaders to help them successfully adopt and execute a digital transformation (DX) strategy for their respective institution and or organization. 

We emphasize the importance of executive leadership learning or improving digital literacy skills to ensure the adoption and execution of digital transformation strategies are in alignment with management and operational goals of the organization/ministry at every level.   

What We Do!

Our focus is on the design, build, integration and management of technology infrastructures supporting web, video, mobile, social, A/V and digital technologies. We recommend and provide technologies that offer reliable solutions to transport Information, Data and Content securely and efficiently from source to destinations. DX Tech operates and manages two digital Community platforms:

DX Virtual Campus – Online Events/ Education and Training

DX Faith Network – Streaming TV Live & Video-On-Demand 


Transforming Lives, Workplaces  and Communities through Technology

There is a tremendous need to expose and educate members of underserved communities to the transforming power of technology; particularly leaders and teams working in many of the traditional institutions with a mission to serve those living in many of the under resourced communities throughout the U.S.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with prospective clients, Tech companies and others to collaboratively bring digital transformation solutions to as many entities and communities as our capacity will allow.  Let’s work together to transform lives, workplaces and communities. 

Rev. Maurice L. Butler, Founder & CEO , DX Tech Solutions
  • Houses of Worship

  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Community Center
  • Local Business
  • Community/Neighborhood

Let’s build something great together

“The DX Tech Solutions team looks forward to working with clients, partners and IT learners to bring about transformational change throughout the communities where we live, work and play. We plan to empower as many entities and individuals as possible to have greater impact when serving their respective community and audience.”

Melissa Sholly

Vice President of Client Relations
DX Tech Solutions Inc.

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