Transforming Underserved Communities Through Partnerships and Innovation

Helping Faith and Nonprofit Organizations Leverage Technology to Serve Better and Effect Change

Education and Training IT Academy

DX Tech Solutions is a Tech Social Enterprise providing education and training services to help faith and nonprofit leaders learn about and adopt Information and Digital technology tools and resources designed to strengthen capacities to serve better with greater impact. Our goal is to support under resourced institutions and organizations in need of technology resources capable of transforming ministries, missions and workplaces in ways that enables them to become more impactful and engaging with the diverse audiences and clients they serve.

Our education and training programs are designed to guide individuals including client staff members, aspiring technology professionals and others how to successfully plan, design, build, operate and manage Information and Digital Technology systems and platforms. A key initiative is to help young adults, particularly disadvantaged groups such as women, members of Black and brown communities and others, learn about and develop an interest in becoming skilled, credentialed IT professionals in disciplines that empower them to become more valuable human assets in under resourced workplaces such as the Local church, Christian School or nonprofit organization.

Education and Training

Our Academy prepares the next generation of technology worker introducing them to information and digital tools and resources  that equip them to build real-world IT skills through online/virtual  instruction.

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Technology Services

We help faith, nonprofit and community organizations research, plan, build and manage Information/Digital Technology environments that transform operations and communities.


A Social Enterprise

Our mission as a Social Enterprise is to also connect faith organizations, nonprofits and community groups with skilled IT/Digital Tech professionals and interns we recruit and train to support the unique technology requirements of each institution we work with while simultaneously creating work opportunities for members of minority groups historically under represented in the field of Information Technology.

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Partnerships and Innovation

DX Tech Solutions partners with several major Tech companies and professional certification entities, that provide expertise and knowledge of technology trends and solutions relevant to helping our clients experience more impactful digital transformation outcomes from every engagement.

We established an Academy as a membership program that offer adults who have an interest in pursing an IT career with a focus on computing, networking, and cybersecurity access to dozens of instructor-led digital literacy and IT skill development courses, webinars and collaboration opportunities along with discounts on leading industry professional certification test and exams that provide credentials required to practice as an IT professional in most jobs.

Transforming Communities through Technology

There is a tremendous need to expose and educate more members underserved communities to the transforming power of technology; and particularly the leaders and teams working in many of the traditional institutions that serve those living in many of the under resourced communities throughout the U.S.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with prospective clients and Tech companies to collaboratively bring digital transformation solutions to as many communities as our capacity will allow.  Help us change lives and transform neighborhoods.

Rev. Maurice L. Butler, Founder & CEO , DX Tech Solutions
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Let’s build something great together

“The DX Tech Solutions team looks forward to working with clients, partners and IT learners to bring about transformational change throughout the communities where we live, work and play. We plan to empower as many entities and individuals as possible to have greater impact when serving their respective community and audience.”

Melissa Sholly

Director of Client Relations
DX Tech Solutions Inc.

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