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We Care About Developing the Next Generation of IT / Digital Professional

Diversity is critical to our success. We intend to recruit those from minority groups such as Women, African Americans, Hispanics and other persons of color who have been historically under represented in many Information Technology workplaces.

Help us reach and encourage those who may not have considered pursuing a career in Information Technology. Please consider joining our Tech Academy as a sponsoring partner…it will be well worth the investment .

Transforming Lives and Communities through Technology

There is a tremendous need to expose and educate more members of Black and Brown communities to the transforming power of technology.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with Tech companies collaboratively to bring workforce development and job opportunities too as many members of underserved communities as our collective capacity will allow.

Help us change lives and transform communities by developing new generations of technology workers who are empowered economically as a result of working in a high-growth, high wage earning career that will allow them to make investments back into neighborhoods and the community where they live and serve.

Maurice L. Butler, Founder & CEO , DX Tech Solutions
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