Introducing Our Virtual Campus Program

DX Tech Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of our Virtual Campus Community and Managed Digital Infrastructure Program.We help Faith and Nonprofit organizations professionally develop and host workshops, webinars, classes, programs and other events on robust technology platforms specifically designed to provide audiences and members of the larger Community with a more engaging experience using innovative remote learning and work tools developed by our strategic technology partners.

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A Virtual / Online Collaborative Space Connecting Learners, Workers and Knowledge Experts 


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The Benefit of Your Organization Joining Our Community

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Managed Digital Infrastructure Program

  • DX Tech Virtual Campus Web and Mobile App

  • Enhanced Video Meeting and Conferencing Resources

  • Enhanced Virtual Classrooms and Breakout Room Technology

  • Branded name designation on our Virtual Campus Platform

  • Access to our professional services team  to help setup and manage your programs and events.
  • Online Course Development and Registration Software

  • Program time on DX Tech’ Roku Streaming TV Channel

  • Branded Live Stream Channel

  • Live Stream Setup and Production Support

  • Video Editing Support Services

  • Use of our Virtual Video Conference & Event Center Platform (Scheduled)

  • Monthly Train-the-Trainer Workshops (maximum 4-team attendees)

Connecting With Collaborative Partners

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a shift in the way many organizations connect and collaborate with its constituents and workers today. Historically, local church buildings or community centers were convenient spaces for members from different parts of the community to convene for multiple purposes. It did not matter whether it was to address topics and issues in a Town Hall setting or occupying space provided for training and conferences, these physical “Spaces” always provided the room.

There still remains a tremendous need for “Spaces” where the Community can gather, connect and collaborate with one another, although it now must be in either a virtual or  hybrid environment!  As a member of our Virtual Campus Community partners have access to our Managed Digital Infrastructure Program where we provide affordable access to the technology platforms and systems needed to keep the community connected.