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DX Tech plans to establish several community based IT/ Digital Tech Resource Centers throughout the U.S. to host technology users, learners and practitioners working in partnership to transform lives and communities. The idea is to bring technology resources into various communities to equip its members with digital literacy skills and access to technology resources that prepare some for work opportunities and others to become valuable resources that will use newly learned skills to help build the technological capacity of local institutions and organizations that serve to address the diverse needs of the people and the community.

Each IT / Digital Tech Resource Center will be considered a hub to our Virtual Academy Community site and will be outfitted with computer hardware/software, data and video platforms, management systems, networks, cybersecurity resources and more. We plan to invite local church organizations and nonprofits located in certain communities to partner with us as a technology hub site housing several of our service programs as listed:

  • Digital Training Center

  • Technology Showroom
  • Community Computer Lab

  • Video Production Studio
  • Managed Service Help Desk
  • Information Resource Center
Community Member Access

Growing our Workforce and Creating Jobs

The Community IT / Digital Tech Resource Center initiative will  not only provide tremendous benefits for the host partner, but it will also allow DX Tech to contribute to workforce development initiatives through the creation of job opportunities for professionals that will be hired to support each hub site and others who will be placed as new entrants into the IT field as interns or entry-level staff trained and placed with our partners to become members of the operational, help desk and or managed service teams in various workplaces.

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Technology Resources For Your Community

Technology Planning

Technical Support
Access to Cool Tools

We will plan, design and build Community IT/Digital Tech Resource Centers in incorporated cities or towns with a population of 250,000 or less as well in specific underserved neighborhoods in large cities to ensure that we are reaching and serving communities that are truly in need of this resource.

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